LAWSON FUSES operates a Quality Management System which has been independently assessed and approved by ASTA Certification Services as complying with ISO 9001 and is supported by the issue of Certificate No. 11050. Lawson manufactured fuse-links have been independently certified by ASTA and where appropriate comply with the the rules of the latest ASTA 20 Scheme.

Lawson Fuses have built a creditable reputation for both the quality of product and customer service and support. The depth of product and market expertise demonstrated by all within the company ensures complete customer satisfaction.

Low Voltage Fuses
fusesIndustrial Fuse-Links, Compact Dimension Fuse-Links, General Purpose Fuse-Links, Motor Circuit Fuse-Links,Utility Fuse-Links,Street Lighting Fuse-Links and DIN Standard Fuse-Links.

Semiconductor Protection Fuses
fuseLawson Fuses have introduced a comprehensive range of Hi-Speed Fuse-Links to British Standards. The 240 and 690 volt series comply with the performance and dimensional requirements of BS88:Part 4 and IEC 60269-4.

Fuse Holders
the fuseLawson Fuses offer an extensive range of fuse-holder and fuse-link designs. Lawson fuse-holders and fuse-banks are approved to major standards and designed to meet a wide range of applications: power distribution, motor protection, electronic, railway, shipping and street lighting.

LAWSON FUSES plays a leading role in formulating fuse standards and specifications through its membership of the relevant committees of BSI, IEC, CENELEC, and other standards organisations. The company has sponsored and participated in many research and development programmes.